The open-source development of the SPECFEM codes has allowed researchers across the globe to apply them in various fields of study. Below shows the citation count of journal articles that utilised the SPECFEM codes. Seminal papers relating to the development of, and theory behind, SPECFEM can be found on the Training page.

Recent publications using SPECFEM:

Here we list some recent publications using some of the SPECFEM codes. A larger, albeit possibly non-exhaustive, list of publications can be found on our Google Scholar.

Inferring the characteristics of marine sediments from the acoustic response of a known, partially buried object
Alexis Bottero, Simone Sternini, Jit Sarkar, WA Kuperman
Published in July 2022

The origin of large, long‐period near‐fault ground velocities during surface‐breaking strike‐slip earthquakes
Yoshihiro Kaneko, Hiroyuki Goto
Published in May 2022

祝贺君, 刘沁雅, 杨继东
Published in May 2022

A method to generate initial fault stresses for physics-based ground motion prediction consistent with regional seismicity
Elif Oral, Jean Paul Ampuero, Javier Ruiz, Domniki Asimaki
Published in April 2022

Centroid Moment Tensor Catalog With 3D Lithospheric Wave Speed Model: The 2016–2017 Central Apennines Sequence
Pietro Artale Harris, Laura Scognamiglio, Federica Magnoni, Emanuele Casarotti, Elisa Tinti
Published in April 2022

Simulation of Infrasonic Acoustic Wave Imprints on Airglow Layers During the 2016 M7. 8 Kaikoura Earthquake
PA Inchin, J Aguilar Guerrero, JB Snively, Y Kaneko
Published in March 2022

Adjoint tomography of the Italian lithosphere
Federica Magnoni, Emanuele Casarotti, Dimitri Komatitsch, Raffaele Di Stefano, Maria Grazia Ciaccio, Carl Tape, Daniele Melini, Alberto Michelini, Antonio Piersanti, Jeroen Tromp
Published in March 2022

Cartesian Meshing Spherical Earth (CMSE): A Code Package to Incorporate the Spherical Earth in SPECFEM3D Cartesian Simulations
Guoliang Li, Kai Tao, Min Chen, Jiaqi Li, Ross Maguire, Xiaodan Ma
Published in March 2022

Acoustic digital twin for passive structural health monitoring
Simone Sternini, Alexis Bottero, WA Kuperman
Published in February 2022

Full‐Waveform Inversion of High‐Frequency Teleseismic Body Waves Based on Multiple Plane‐Wave Incidence: Methods and Practical Applications
Kai Wang, Yi Wang, Xin Song, Ping Tong, Qinya Liu, Yingjie Yang
Published in February 2022

Assessment of seismic tomographic models of the contiguous United States using intermediate-period 3-D wavefield simulation
Tong Zhou, Ziyi Xi, Min Chen, Jiaqi Li
Published in February 2022

Spectral element modeling of acoustic to seismic coupling over topography
Jordan W Bishop, David Fee, Ryan Modrak, Carl Tape, Keehoon Kim
Published in January 2022

Strong Upper‐Plate Heterogeneity at the Hikurangi Subduction Margin (North Island, New Zealand) Imaged by Adjoint Tomography
Bryant Chow, Yoshihiro Kaneko, Carl Tape, Ryan Modrak, Nick Mortimer, Stephen Bannister, John Townend
Published in January 2022

The effect of rupture directivity, distance and skew angle on the collapse fragilities of bridges
Surendra Nadh Somala, KSK Karthik Reddy, Sujith Mangalathu
Published in November 2021

On‐the‐Fly Full Hessian Kernel Calculations Based upon Seismic‐Wave Simulations
Yujiang Xie, Catherine A Rychert, Nicholas Harmon, Qinya Liu, Dirk Gajewski
Published in November 2021

The Influence of Depth‐Varying Elastic Properties of the Upper Plate on Megathrust Earthquake Rupture Dynamics and Tsunamigenesis
Manel Prada, Percy Galvez, Jean‐Paul Ampuero, Valentí Sallarès, Carlos Sánchez‐Linares, Jorge Macías, Daniel Peter
Published in November 2021

Dynamic Rupture Study of Near‐Field Velocity Pulses during the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake, Japan
Kenichi Tsuda
Published in October 2021

Multicycle Simulation of Strike‐Slip Earthquake Rupture for Use in Near‐Source Ground‐Motion Simulations
Percy Galvez, Anatoly Petukhin, Paul Somerville, Jean‐Paul Ampuero, Ken Miyakoshi, Daniel Peter, Kojiro Irikura
Published in October 2021

Toward Waveform‐Based Characterization of Slab & Mantle Wedge (SAM) Earthquakes
Felix Halpaap, Stéphane Rondenay, Qinya Liu, Florian Millet, Lars Ottemöller
Published in September 2021

Generation of secondary microseism Love waves: effects of bathymetry, 3-D structure and source seasonality
Lucia Gualtieri, Etienne Bachmann, Frederik J Simons, Jeroen Tromp
Published in July 2021